Stretching for Working America 11" x 17"

11 x 17 in. Laminated Chart. Ten Minute Group Sequence from STRETCHING FOR WORKING AMERICA book.

11" x 17" 3-color laminated poster to be used as visual aid for display purposes.  Consists of the Ten Minute Group Sequence from STRETCHING FOR WORKING AMERICA book.  A stretching routine designed for factory or blue collar workers; a series of stretches to do while standing.  Includes instructions for the individual stretches.  The 11" x 17" poster does not include instructions for the individual stretches to accomodate the smaller format. See the 17" x 22" poster for a larger format containing more information.

Posters cannot be shipped USPS Priority Flat Rate Envelope for $6.70; please choose only UPS or USPS Priority package shipping options (or USPS First Class Mail if ordering one paper 11" x 17" Stretching for Working America poster).


Also available: 17" x 22" poster, the STRETCHING FOR WORKING AMERICA book, and Stretching pads as handouts.

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