Getting Stronger

Fully illustrated book for strength training, general conditioning and body building.

A 2001 revised (out of print), 431 page, fully illustrated book for strength training, general conditioning and body building.  This well organized manual incorporates reliable guidance for body builders at all levels, programs for general fitness, gym and home training, and routines by top athletes and coaches to fit the requirements of 21 sports.  The illustrated workout charts cross reference to free weight, Nautilus and Universal machine exercises.  ISBN 0-0936070-24-2  srp $21.95, our price $11.95 Spiral bound edition, our price $20.95 (temporarily out of stock). These books are slightly shop worn, but not bad; covers a tiny bit scuffed.

What changed from the previous edition of this book:
-A new chapter on weight training machines
-A new chapter on Keiser X-Press Training Circuit
-A new chapter on injuries and injury rehab by Max Shott, M.S.
-Updated info on nutrition
-A new Chapter on supplements
-All new info on drugs

-Women's weight training chapter updated and expanded
-Sports Training Principles and Training for Advanced Athletes updated

Bill Pearl is a four-time Mr. Universe, a former Mr. America and Mr. California.  He was voted the World's Best Built Man in 1974. At more than 74 years old he trains 2 hours a day, six days a week.  Bill is in great demand for lectures and seminars around the world.

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