Getting in Shape

Workout Programs for Men & Women. A unique fitness book for the average person.

GETTING IN SHAPE: Workout Programs for Men & Women

On sale – GETTING IN SHAPE by Bob Anderson, bodybuilding legend Bill Pearl, and exercise physiologist Ed Burke, illustrated by Jean Anderson. A unique fitness book for the average person; a simple, visual approach to lifelong fitness. Bob, Bill and Ed believe that what’s needed in this day and age are structured, balanced workout programs which:
   - combine stretching, weight training and aerobic exercise
   - are not too extreme
   - are mainly graphic
   - let you choose your level of commitment
   - will fit within your busy schedule

Using this book will lead you on a steady path to a lifetime of
   - better cardiovascular health
   - greater strength
   - improved flexibility

The Basics- How to Use this Book, How to Stretch, How to Lift, How to Move
The Programs: Preview of 32 Programs, Warm Up & Cool Down, The Program Before the Program- 3 phases
The 5 Basic Programs
16 Special Programs: On the Job (Desk Stretches, On the Job, The Busy Day)
On the Road (Airplane Stretches, Hotel Room Workout)
Stretch & Strengthen
Circuit Training (Basic Circuit Training, Super Circuit Training)
The Electronic Gym (LifeCircuit Training, LifeCircuit & Free Weights)
8 Fine Tuning Programs: (Abdominals, Arms, Back, Buttocks, Calves, Chest, Legs, Shoulders)
Health Problems: (Arthritis, Back Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Weight Management)
The Instructions:  How to Move, How to Stretch, How to Lift
The Magnificent Body: (The Heart, The Lungs, The Muscles, The Joints
Food: Healthy Eating- Fat, Fiber, Diets
Pregnancy: (Exercise During Pregnancy, Exercise After Pregnancy)
Exercise and Health: (Arthritis, Back Pain, Cancer, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Diabetes, The Digital Workplace, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol/Heart Disease, Osteoporosis, Overweight, Smoking, Stress) Prescribing Exercise (A note to Doctors)
Choosing a Gym: (Health Clubs, School/YMCA Weight Rooms, Bodybuilding Gyms, Home Gyms)
Appendices: About the Authors
Indexes: (Index of Stretches, Index of Exercises, General Index)

This out of print edition of GETTING IN SHAPE has been replaced by GETTING BACK IN SHAPE, c2006, exactly the same book as GETTING IN SHAPE except for Jeff Galloway’s book being included in it as a section on running.  Regularly $16.95.  Now, $9.95


GETTING IN SHAPE is also available spiral bound (not available in stores) 


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