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Ancient Way to Keep Fit

Internal martial arts from ancient China- Taoists exercises.

Getting Back in Shape

A revised edition of GETTING IN SHAPE with added section on running excerpted from Jeff Galloway's books.

Getting in Shape

Workout Programs for Men & Women. A unique fitness book for the average person.

Getting Stronger

Fully illustrated book for strength training, general conditioning and body building.
$20.95 $11.95

Keys to Weight Training for Men/Women VHS

Progressively challenging free-weight exercise routines.
$19.95 $5.00

Stretch & Strengthen book

Spiral-Bound. Instructs the disabled and elderly in simple stretch and strengthening exercises.

STRETCHING book - Pocket Book Edition

A physically condensed edition of the 30th Anniversary STRETCHING book. 5" x 7.25" 256 pages
$14.95 $9.95