Above the Knee Motion Tights

The four-way stretch lends extra support to the thigh and hamstring areas.


Nothing fits so comfortably and keeps you drier and warmer than MAXIT’s M-Tights.  Made of ProMAX IV, the four-way stretch lends extra support to the thigh and hamstring areas.  Unbelievably comfortable and efficient.  This one is in a "bike shorts" length.

(Item#6012)     Color: Grey or Black    MADE IN THE USA  ON SALE!

About MAXIT:  Constructed of ProMAX IV- a fabric that combines the warmth of Spun P2 Polypropylene and the body-hugging fit, stretch and recovery of Lycra.  It's the most comfortable, durable and efficient fabric ever invented for sportswear.
     It is functional and to-the-point sportswear for the serious athlete who wants the convenience and comfort of not layering and who does not put a great importance in the impression of neon and high fashion.  MAXIT products fit closely to your body and come in traditional, basic colors.  MAXIT was designed for movement.
     Providing optimum breathability and yet being 97% wind resistant, MAXIT is the perfect athletic wear.  The fabric actually transports moisture away from the skin in the vapor phase, helping prevent the chill created by moisture-soaked garments and eliminates the need to layer in most weather conditions, and is very comfortable layered in extreme, cold conditions. 

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