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The book STRETCHING was first self-published by Bob and Jean Anderson in 1975 when fitness awareness was in its infancy. In 1980 Shelter Publications revised and published STRETCHING (Random House, the distributor) and since then STRETCHING has sold over three million copies in the U.S. and has been published in 24 languages for worldwide distribution.

In 2000 the 20th Anniversary edition of the STRETCHING book was published by Shelter Publications (distributed by PGW, Berkeley CA). This edition contained 25 new stretching routines, the sections on nutrition, walking/running, cycling, strength development were omitted (our book GETTING IN SHAPE covers these topics), there were new sections on PNF stretching and the use of body tools, and it was made available in a spiral binding by Stretching Inc.

Now there is a 30th Anniversary edition of STRETCHING. What is new in this edition is:
· a section on stretching at the computer or desk (taken from our book STRETCHING IN THE OFFICE)
· the cover has been redesigned with new, joyful colors and the inside of the book is 2-color to better define the areas of the body you should feel the stretch
· there is a description of 4 types of stretching, including dynamic stretching for athletes
· hand, wrist and forearm stretches for people with carpal tunnel syndrome
· a routine for stretching with trekking poles has been added

30th Anniversary edition of STRETCHING 240 pages   81/2 X 11"    trade paperback ISBN 978-0-936070-46-9
Illustrated by Jean Anderson (over 1100 ilustrations)

Order the STRETCHING book and STRETCHING the DVD for $31.95 + shipping ($5.75 US Mail Priority flat rate envelope)  
**Spiral bound STRETCHING book + DVD for $32.95 + shipping ($5.75 US Mail Priority flat rate envelope)

New!! STRETCHING is available for download on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with iBooks and on your computer. See iTunes for details and to order. $9.99. STRETCHING eBook is the winner of the prestigious PUBLISHING INNOVATION AWARD.  http://shltr.net/stretching-ibooks

A 5"x7 1/4" pocketbook edition of STRETCHING has just been published! Pocketbook editions of STRETCHING have been very popular in Spain and Germany and now, it is available in English here in the USA. Available at Stretching Inc.

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